Successful weight loss—More than calorie counting

In theory, losing weight just takes consuming fewer calories. In practice, lasting weight loss requires food choices that suit your lifestyle and your taste buds.

For lasting success, consider an approach to diet that checks these boxes:

  • Offers balanced nutrition and flexibility
    Flexibility allows you to make changes to a diet plan as you go without feeling like you’ve failed if you veer off course at a meal–which, of course, we all do! An overall balanced diet is the goal, rather than looking at each individual day as a pass/fail situation.
  • Satisfies your taste buds
    While reducing overall calories may be part of your goal, this can still include foods you enjoy or the occasional treat. A diet that includes foods you enjoy is a diet that’s easier to maintain long-term. Consider swaps that can make foods you enjoy healthier. For example, adding lemon juice to chicken instead of BBQ (high in sugar calories) or ranch (high in fat calories) can keep flavor high and calories low.
  • Improves your overall health
    It’s tempting to consider diets that cut out entire food groups when we see others lose weight on these diets, but the diets may also come at other health costs. Your care provider can help you make diet goals that work toward complete health.

If you don’t have a care provider to help guide you through weight loss, we invite you to connect with an Open Door provider. New patients can generally be seen within a few days. Open Door sees patients regardless of insurance coverage, and fees are based on income and household size.

Schedule an appointment in Muncie or Anderson today at (765) 286-7000.

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