Open Door Health Services and Psychological Assessment and Consulting are pleased to announce that PAC is now part of Open Door. If you previously referred patients to PAC, you can continue to do so using the information on this page.

Our behavioral health specialists provide several services that can assist you in caring for patients.

  • Psychological testing services for clarification of psychiatric diagnoses
  • Evaluation of the patient’s need for psychiatric medication
  • Clarification of the patient’s level of severity of mental health disorders, cognitive impairment, and memory impairment
  • Determination of response to various ADHD medications
  • Behavioral health counseling to enhance the client’s response to treatment


To refer a patient for testing or counseling:

  • Step 1:  Fill out our online referral form.
  • Step 2: Our office staff will confirm the patient’s insurance benefits.
  • Step 3: Our office staff will contact the patient to set up the evaluation.
  • Step 4: For testing, the patient will come in for an in-depth, one hour diagnostic interview and our psychologist will perform testing that same day or set up an appointment for testing in the near future if prior authorization is needed (typically within 2 weeks, but can take longer for some types of testing).
  • Step 5: After testing is complete, the psychologist will meet with your patient for a feedback session regarding the testing results. We will encourage the patient to make a follow-up appointment with the referring physician if they do not already have one.
  • Step 6: A full testing report will be faxed to your office that includes background and history, current functioning, test results, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations.


Please note:

  • Patients seeking disability evaluations should be referred to the local Social Security office to apply for Disability, not to our office directly. The Social Security office will review the need for any psychological testing and schedule an evaluation for the client at our office.
  • Please note that learning disability testing is not considered a medically necessary procedure by many insurance companies, so please be mindful of this when referring patients.


Click here to learn more about which disorders are covered by our testing services, as well as what counseling needs our team can address.