Open Door announces new health center on Muncie’s west side

Open Door Health Services is expanding access to healthcare in Muncie. A new Open Door health center, Open Door White River, will open Nov. 30. This addition to Open Door’s sites is located at 2600 West White River Blvd., just east of Tillotson Ave.

Open Door White River will initially provide pediatric care, behavioral health care, WIC, and other support services. In early 2021, family medicine and obstetric care will join the line-up.

Services at other Open Door locations, including the downtown Muncie location, remain fully available, with the exception of the Hutchinson Ave. pediatrics office. Patients seen at the Hutchinson Ave. location will be seen at the new location.

The addition of the health center site marks a year of growth for Open Door, which serves more than 30,000 ECI residents annually. In 2020, Open Door added chiropractic care, pain management services, two psychiatric nurse practitioners, and telehealth appointments to its offerings.

“We recognize the ongoing health challenges being faced by families throughout the area,” said Bryan Ayars, Open Door CEO. “This additional site will provide better access to our team of caring providers and staff, and the wide range of high-quality services they deliver.”

Care at all Open Door locations is available to anyone in the community, with or without health coverage. Sliding fee discounts are available to further reduce barriers to care.

Pediatrics families who have been seen at the Hutchinson Ave. location can read more about their transition to Open Door White River here.



Open Door White River is located on MITS bus route 2

Open Door team members had the chance to swing hammers to kick off renovation of the space that would become Open Door White River

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