Open Door Health Services Staff Member Receives NAMI Award

October 21, 2013 – Muncie, IN – Open Door Health Services of Muncie, Indiana is pleased to announce that staff member Mary Jo Roseberry, PhD received the Outstanding Professional Award from the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Every year the Indiana Chapter of NAMI asks the local affiliates for nominations for several different state awards. The Outstanding Professional Award is meant for a professional who influences the mental health community or directly improves the lives and well-being of people with mental illness. Out of all the nominees from across the state, Roseberry was awarded the honor at the state conference on October 5th. She was presented with the award during the Mental Illness Awareness Week event that took place Wednesday, October 16th at Kennedy Library in Muncie, Indiana. Other NAMI affiliates who received awards include Dee Humbles- Patricia Wheaton Consumer Award and Ivy Farguheson- Media and Public Awareness Award.

Roseberry is a licensed Psychologist and Addictions Counselor. She worked with Meridian Health Services for over thirty years and during that time developed a relationship with Open Door Health Services CEO Toni Estep. They worked together to make access to mental health care easier. In 2008, they were able to secure a federal grant to start “integrated behavioral health care” at ODHS. Since March of 2010, Mary Jo has worked as a consultant for Open Door providing integrated services directly to patients while also developing the program and training the staff. She has been serving on the NAMI Board for the past four years. She also represents NAMI and ODHS on two community committees: East Central Indiana Suicide Prevention Coalition and the Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) Planning Committee.

“It is a huge honor just to be nominated for the award,” stated Open Door’s Chief Executive Officer Tony Estep, “We are proud of Mary Jo and all of her accomplishments within the mental health community.”

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