Asthma Fair Is Educational & Fun

The Open Door pediatric department hosted their first Asthma Fair Wednesday July 27, and it was a great success. 27 children were a part of the asthma fair, which included group discussion, spirometry, device use, games, provider visit, and snacks.

The main purpose of the Asthma Fair was to educate the kids and their families about asthma. The kids and their parents were able to learn about asthma triggers, and how to keep their environment free of them. They also learned how their body reacts to these triggers, and why that causes them to have trouble breathing. One mother said, “I learned more about his asthma from this and I could never explain it to him before”. The kids then learned how to use their inhalers properly, and the importance of them.

The kids also got to have some fun. They we able to play games and receive some great prizes. Giggles the clown performed magic tricks for the kids and their families to enjoy. At the end of their visit they got to create an ice cream sundae with all the toppings they could want.

The pediatrics department did a great job creating an event that was both educational and fun. They were excited about the turn out and are looking forward to future Asthma Fairs.

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