Dentist’s advice for keeping teeth healthy during Halloween

Halloween is a sugar-filled holiday for many kids, but Dr. Kimberly Koch, Open Door’s Chief Dental Officer, assures us that dentists still love the tricks and treats of this fun day. (And that they don’t just pass out toothbrushes when you knock on their door!)

“The truth is that most dentists enjoy a sweet treat  as much as the next person, but we make sure that sweets are only a treat every once in a while,” says Koch. “We always encourage regular brushing, 2-3 times daily. Brushing after meals and Halloween sweets, along with daily flossing and routine checkups twice a year, goes a long way to ensure healthy teeth and gums.”

Curious which Halloween treats are likely to have the biggest impact on dental health? Click here to read the American Dental Association’s list of the best and worst candies for teeth.

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