Nov 29

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World AIDS Day is an international health observance day that is celebrated every year on December 1st. This day provides an opportunity to help raise awareness, celebrate the increasing available treatment and prevention options, and honor those who have passed away from AIDS. 

In the United States, AIDS is the sixth leading cause of death for adults ages 25-44.  According to the World Health Organization, more than 25 million individuals nationwide have passed away from AIDS over the years. 

AIDS begins with HIV infection, which is spread through blood, sexual contact, and from mother to child. Individuals who are at an increased risk for getting HIV include: drug users, people having unprotected sex, and babies born to mothers with HIV who do no receive treatment during pregnancy. To help protect yourself from being exposed to HIV/AIDS, you can learn how to reduce your chance of receiving HIV by reading articles on safe sex and practice safe sex. Also, do not use shared needles and avoid contact with other individuals’ blood.

Open Door Health Services provides free- to low-cost HIV testing at all Family Planning clinics.  No appointment necessary.  All tests are kept confidential.  For more information about HIV testing, call 765-281-4263. 

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